Aug 05, 2016 ยท Eye floaters. Floaters are black or gray dots, lines, cobwebs, or other shapes that drift or swim in the visual field. ... How to Tell the Difference Between the Flu and the Coronavirus. Go .... The structure of the eye is one reason it's a vulnerable point in terms of contracting COVID-19, according to the AOA. "The eye is highly vascularized tissue (meaning it has a lot of blood. Coronavirus Disease COVID-19; ... Eye floaters are shadows of the cell strands that are present in the vitreous of the eye. ... patients may report impaired vision and red or black spots. In some. The hollow of the eye is filled with vitreous jelly. With aging, the jelly starts to liquify and separates from its attachments to the retina. This results in a little tug on the retina, resulting in flashes. This phenomenon is known as posterior vitreous detachment or PVD in short. The large floater appears when the PVD is complete, that is.

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